Friday, May 22, 2015

Italian girl problems#1

1. When your whispering sounds like normal talking.
2. When your family wants you to marry Italian boys.
3. Trying to lose weight but it's impossible due to your love for food.
4.Everyone can't pronounce your last name.
5.All your best friends think you are too caring and they find it weird.
6. When you have to explain to your friends that even though it sounds like yelling, that's how your family normally talks.
7. Three words: Pastries. Are. LIFE.

My graffiti art :P

Finally got time to upload this. I, the artist, worked very hard to make this majestic work of art. Hope you like it!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

How much time has passed since I've posted on this blog? Quite a while, I assume. Sorry for not posting, a lot of 7th grade stuff has been going on lately. Well, sorry for making you think I was dead or something, I'm just busy.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Short girl problems#2

1. Going to the movies and praying to god that no one tall sits infront of you.
2. There are some guys that are too tall to dance with.
3. When people pat your head.
4. Having to frequently ask, "Can you reach that for me?"
5. Having to jump to reach things.
6. Taking pictures with tall people and they have to bend their knees and kneel down to your height.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Short girl problems#1

1. When a shirt looks like a dress on you.
2. People holding things over your head and you can't reach it.
3. I'm used to looking up when I talk to people.
4. When people decribe you as a cute short girl and not hot.
5."Short" jeans are still too tall.
6. When people use your head as an armrest.
7. Wearing heels almost makes me normal sized.
8. Babysitting kids that are taller than you.
9. When the waiter/waitress asks you "Would you like a kids menu?"
10. Getting lost in crowds.
11. Looking like an idiot trying to get something from the top shelf.
12. When your neck hurts from looking up at people all day long.
13. Being good at basketball is not an option.
14. Calling me "Shorty" isn't cute.
15. When someone bumps into you and says, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you there!"
16. Obsessing over long legs.
17. Never being taken seriously.
18. When people think you are younger than you really are.
19. Yes, I am short. Rest you arm on my head, and I'll kick your butt to oblivion.
20. We short girls literally live on our tippy-toes.
21. Being teased about being short.
22. No, I'm not playing footsy with you. My legs are just short and don't reach the ground!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dear Mrs. Allen#3

Dear Mrs. Allen,
       Sometimes, I sit back and think how the relationship between us just somehow... strong and beautiful. It still lives today, because it's mainly throught the posts I make on this blog. Most people would be like, "Oh your blog is old!" or "Give it up, Anna!", but no way will I ever discard of this meaningful gift you have given to me. I want to inspire others, even if it's just a few people. You have inspired me to be charitable, compassionate, loving, sharing, forgiving, and thoughtful. I want to spread that. Everytime I think of you, I start to remember how you acted when you were here, and I start to be that way. Some people are like, "You remind me of Mrs. Allen!", and, well, I may not post a lot currently, but I made a little time out of my busy schedule to tell you this. I hope all is going great, and remember, I'll never give up on you. This post may be short, but I hope you enjoy it.

                                                                                                 Cordially Yours,

Monday, October 6, 2014

random post#23

1. That humiliating moment when you're family starts talking to other relatives about your mistakes.
2. That moment when you throw something to your friend but it accidentaly hits someone else.
3. When you drop something right in front of you and it completely disappears.
4. That moment when you mistake a stranger for a friend.
5. When your crush looks at you and you try to look sexy but you end up looking like someone with mental issues.
6. When the teacher says "Find a partner!" and you look at your best friend, but they look at someone else.
7. When the person you like calls/texts you unexpectedly.
8. When you say something weird and realize what you just said.
9. My head says go to the gym, but my hearts says eat more ice cream.
10. Opinions are like feet. Everybody's got a couple, and they usually stink.
11. Take it slow. Relationships don't happen over night.
12. That akward moment when you go to high five someone and they don't even notice you.
13. When you dislike someone so much that even hearing their name angers you.
14. When you find a shirt you really like but they don't have it in your size.
15. My days are backwards. I wake up tired, and go to bed wide awake.